How much does a business app cost?

The number 1 barrier to any business getting their own app has to be cost.

With a quick google search, you’ll read about business app costs of anywhere from $20k to $100k!

As a business owner, your first thought must be “would it ever generate enough revenue to cover a $100k business app?” The answer has to be a resounding NO!!!.

But there are ways of being able to produce an app for around $2k, and far more functional (and revenue generating) than you could ever imagine!

Working out your return on investment (ROI) and assuming your app brings in just two extra sessions per week, you could generate enough revenue to cover your app development costs in under 3 months!

physio clinic app screens

The first cost-saving is the cross platform design – developing one app that works on all the major operating systems.

Then there’s the plug-and-play modules – getting blocks of prewritten code and reusing it to build an app faster (and cheaper).

That modular approach also has another benefit – you can add more modules later if you’d like. One approach to managing app development costs is to start with an engaging and useful app, then growing it over time as it returns on its investment.

We can also utilise some of the features of your website within the app, which saves on duplicating new content as well as app development costs.

All of that means that we can develop a business app for as little as around $2k, and then add extra modules to it over time.

Sample Physio Clinic App

For a sample of a live app that went into the App Store in June 2023, download and explore the ‘Bioathletic’ app for iOS and Android.

ios bioathletic app download
How much does a business app cost?
download bioathletic app in google play store
How much does a business app cost?