What’s the cost of a Physio clinic app?

An app for a Physio clinic (or it might be an app for a medical clinic or Chiro, massage…any healthcare company) needs to be useful to get the best engagement with your clientele. And like anything else in business, it also has to justify the cost of a Physio clinic app.

Let’s explore the cost of the app, the likely return on investment and whether it’s suitable for your clients.

First and foremost, it must be useful

It’s no good if the app just does the same thing as your website. It’s features can’t be useful only when clients are injured.

The app should integrate the most useful parts of your website, then extend on it with functions that help your clients everyday.

physio clinic app screens

Return on investment

As a business owner, you’ll also need to consider the return. There’s no point spending big on a cool app if you never see that money returned.

It’s still early days for Physio clinic apps in healthcare but the initial results are amazing!

Clients are using the app on average over 2x per month, with about 90% of sessions resulting in a booking directly from the app (compared to around 16% conversion rate via website traffic).

Cost of a Physio clinic app

An app needs to be useful, whether a client is injured or not. So having features for both injured and healthy clients is vital.

Consider an app, built for iOS and Android, with an injury diagnostic module, biomechanical self-assessment + programming and online bookings.

physio clinic app injury diagnosis advice

Adding the injury diagnostic module provides clients with a provisional diagnosis and immediate injury advice (such as “avoid NSAIDs” and “don’t stretch the muscle”).

With every diagnosis, clients are encouraged to book a session within the app to continue their recovery.

The biomechanical assessment is self-administered and gives advice on running, footwear modifications and rehab exercises.

After seeing the positive changes from this initial advice, clients are encouraged to attend the clinic to advance the program or implement the footwear changes.

Physio clinic app with sports injury modulesCost (AUD)
Basic structure – navigation/menu, website and online booking page embedded, testing, technical fixes for 3 months$4000
Injury diagnosis + advice and Biomechanical Assessment modules$3000
App build, app store submission x 2 (iOS + Android)$500
* offer valid for first 10 apps in production or until 31 December 2023

Sample Physio Clinic App

For a sample of a live app that went into the App Store in June 2023, download and explore the ‘Bioathletic’ app for iOS and Android.

ios bioathletic app download
What's the cost of a Physio clinic app?
download bioathletic app in google play store
What's the cost of a Physio clinic app?