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Looking to differentiate your Physio practice?

Standing out in a crowded marketplace has never been harder!

Customised low-cost apps designed for Physiotherapy, Chiro and Massage businesses

For less than the cost of a website, boost your retention and repeat visits from your customer base with features like priority booking methods and in-app tools like Ottawa Rules for fracture screening.

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Clients prefer apps

Did you know that people spend 88% of their daily mobile time on apps compared to websites?

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Brand loyalty

Clients searching for you will see your competitors in the same search results. An installed app means you’ve got their exclusive attention.

Be an industry leader

Should I have a business website or business app?

We love apps – they show that your business is embracing tech and leading their industry. But a prospective client isn’t going to go to the app store to find a Physio.

Websites are more readily accessible (mobile and web) and faster to search for info. Apps can add mind-blowing functionality and engagement, but they can’t capture future clients searching for a new Physio.

Your choice is simple: website only or website + app?

Why would a Physio practice develop an app?

That’s the trick to any engaging app – it has to be useful.

It has to solve a user problem. Otherwise, why would anyone bother? If it’s just got your contact details and address, why wouldn’t they just go to your website?

That’s why we develop apps with brains – apps that can process user enquiries and provide them with some useable output.

In the case of the Physio business app, it can triage injury and advise users on what their initial actions should be (eg. Xray, avoid meds, seek a Physio appointment)

How much does it cost to develop an app?

That’s the magic question, isn’t it? It seems to be shrouded in mystery and hard to get a straight answer.

Our approach is simple. We have already developed the functional parts of an app. We can show you a working model of what you get – no vague sketches or “imagine this” pitches. And each component is priced individually.

All you need to do is pick which bits you want in your app, like going to Subway and making our own creation. It then gets customised for your business – your logo, colour schemes, and (obviously) website and contact details.

As a rough idea, you could get a Physio business app with injury screening & triage functionality for around A$5k. Simpler apps are cheaper to create at around $3k, and any fresh functions (if you can dream it, we can build it) are priced based on how many hours it takes to develop.

How risky is outsourcing development to overseas?

We don’t do it, ever. It might be slightly cheaper but there are a number of glaring issues.

It takes time to brief the overseas agent on the specs, then it needs to bounce back and forth until they get it right. All of that is billable time that adds to the cost, and for a less-than-ideal outcome.

We develop everything in-house, right here in Sydney, Australia. Progress updates are regularly provided and there are no issues with external or outsourced developers.

What functions could a Physio business app provide?

It’s really a matter of what your patients would value. Exercise programs, injury screening and provisional diagnoses, guidance on immediate response to injury…the list is endless.

Just think of a problem that your clients need solved. It’s probably something you get calls about every week. Then put that in an app and make it engaging.

The idea is to be helpful to clients. The outcome is better retention and lifetime customer value. It’s a big win-win.