Healthcare clinic app functionality

If you’re contemplating an app for your healthcare business, the app functionality is the difference between great user engagement and a waste of time (and money). Getting it right is worth the effort though!

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You may not be old enough to remember when businesses started getting websites (think late 1990s). It rapidly went from a novelty to the new way to do business and be found. Well, apps are in the same category – they’re reinventing the way successful businesses interact with their clients.

Consumers (ie. your clients) spend 88% of their mobile usage time on apps, rather than in a browser. It makes sense – apps offer unique functions and generally load faster than browsers.

But a client, or potential client, isn’t going to download your app just to find your phone number. App functionality has to go beyond what a website could deliver, otherwise you have to wonder why a client would bother downloading it.

That’s where our unique functions can come into play. Our apps can think, and they can be configured to offer injury diagnosis, design rehab programs and so much more.

Just to be clear, this isn’t AI, where programs like ChatGPT just regurgitate mass-collected data. As qualified and experienced Sports Physiotherapists, we provide the logic and flow, with a combination of pattern recognition or probability-based thinking.

If you’re not sure if an app can deliver what your business needs, contact us via the form below and we can explore the possibilities with you.

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Sample Physio Clinic App

For a sample of a live app that went into the App Store in June 2023, download and explore the ‘Bioathletic’ app for iOS and Android.

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Healthcare clinic app functionality
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Healthcare clinic app functionality