Business app functionality

If you’re contemplating an app for your business, the app functionality or usefulness is directly linked to what if offers and whether clients will download it.

Consumers (ie. your clients) spend 88% of their mobile usage time on apps, rather than in a browser. It makes sense – apps offer unique functions and generally load faster than browsers.

But a client, or potential client, isn’t going to download your app just to find your phone number. App functionality has to go beyond what a website could deliver, otherwise you have to wonder why a client would bother downloading it.

That’s where our unique functions can come into play. Our apps can think, and they can be configured to offer injury diagnosis, design training sessions and so much more.

This isn’t AI, where it just regurgitates mass-collected information. You can specify the logic and flow, whether it’s pattern recognition or probability-based thinking (if that all sounds too much, don’t worry – we work with clients on app design and logic).

If you’re not sure if an app can deliver what you’re imagining, get in touch and we can explore the possibilities with you.