Modular app design

The modular app design approach enables us to combine high-end functionality with lower costs.

Modular app design is exactly what it sounds like – you can take one piece of code and add it to a bigger block. It basically plugs in and works with the existing functions.

physio clinic app screens

The trick is in the way that we design our code. All of our modules can be added to an app with only a small amount of configuration.

If you like the injury diagnosis screening, you can add that to your app. Think our running biomechanics self-assessment tool might come in handy for your people? You can add that in as well.

Being able to hand-pick from existing modules not only speeds the process up but also keeps costs down. Because we’re not developing the module from scratch for you, it works out to be a fraction of the price.

How does the modular design work with branding? That’s the best bit! All our branding elements – colours, fonts, logos and other elements – are kept in one location in the app and automatically adjust every module to match your look.