Cross platform apps

Physio Rehab Apps, a Sydney-based healthcare app developer, works exclusively on cross platform apps.

“Cross platform” refers to developing one app that can run on multiple platforms, like iOS and Android (they even run in web browsers).

The reason that the “cross platform” approach is so appealing is that you only need to produce one app to be everywhere. It saves time and money when you compare it to developing a different app for every platform.

The true success of any cross platform app though is how well is adapts to the users preferred environment. Just because it’s one app doesn’t mean that it can have a different appearance on each operating system (OS).

While iOS puts their back button in the top left corner, Android users expect to find it in the bottom right. So the final app can adapt to the OS that it’s on so a seamless experience.

Sample Physio Clinic App

For a sample of a live app that went into the App Store in June 2023, download and explore the ‘Bioathletic’ app for iOS and Android.

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Cross platform apps
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Cross platform apps
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